What Are The Tasks Of Gynaecologist And Obstetrician?

When we talk about women then we can’t deny about the diseases and their issues. It is not correct if we say that there is not even one woman in this world who doesn’t face ladies’ issues. We need to go gynaecologist and obstetrics in Zetland for the issues and sometimes for good news. So, sooner or later, we all have to visit them.

The tasks of both the doctors are interrelated but are different from one another. They can go side by side and suggest each other when couple of or a single mother go to them.

We can’t really have a good and healthy life if they are not available for ladies and their issues. Let’s have a look at their tasks.


If we talk about gynaecologist, they are responsible for the following matters and issues.

Issues in Getting Pregnant:

When a couple has decided that they are ready to have a new member in their life then they try for it. When they feel that they have no luck so far then they go to a doctor. Doctor examine them and come to know that a woman has issues or a man has issues. Man has low sperm count or a woman has fibroids, PCOS, high prolactin level, etc that doesn’t allow then to get pregnant. She treats the issues with medicines and other things. Visit https://www.sydneyobstetricianclinic.com.au/barangaroo for gynaecologist.

Vaginal Infections:

Vaginal infections are so bad. They make irritation and itching. Also, they cause issues when we want to have a good time with a partner.


Obstetrician are responsible for the following tasks.

Normal Vaginal Delivery:

Gynaecologist are not really into delivering a baby. They are specialised in women issues and not delivery. Obstetricians are the one who have specialised in this domain. They generally force the couple to have a normal delivery if there are no issues in pregnancy.

Caesarean Sections:

It needs a good expertise in treating the case. There are issues that couples go for surgery. They do not want to bear the natural pain. Also, if head of a baby is up and the delivery time has come then there is no option left except for the operation.

 High Risk Pregnancy:

When a woman has issues related to high sugar or high blood pressure then they do not take a chance or force a woman for normal delivery as there are danger for both a mother and a baby. So, obstetrician treat the case with their expert knowledge.

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