Some Of The Most Asked Questions And There Answers Are

Queries about subscriptions and their replies

Most questions that people ask after knowing about the offer on subscription is that, how exactly can they avail a subscription. First of all you have to make an online account on their webpage; it is through this account that you can place order, pay for it, keep a track of the order and add delivery address and many more things. So once you have made your account, you can simply login and use it with ease. But still if you want further help do get in touch immediately. Another question regarding subscription is that how can one cancel it. There is no time limitation in this, you can cancel it whenever you want to, by login in your account and cancel on the option available there.

Queries regarding Products are as follows

Those who are not familiar with the body of work of Plus Planet, there first question is that how are these tissue rolls made. Well both sugarcane and bamboo residues are utilized in the making as the raw material is obtained from renewable sources which are also not harmful for the environment. So just imagine the change this choice of yours can bring about to the nature. Another question people usually ask is that how many tissues are there in a roll of tissue. Each carton they sell has thirty six tissue rolls to be precise and each of this roll has about three hundred sheets within. All of which are without fragrance of any sort. Plus Planet openly states that it does not use plastic for packing of its products, so consumers question as to why such a decision has been made by the makers. Well if you don’t know, plastic usually ends up in seas and oceans and is harmful for aquatic life and is one of the causes of their death.  They on the other hand get their products packed by workers, this way also creating employment opportunities for the local population.

Where is tissue roll made is also among the questions asked especially by those consumers who are eager to know more about their work. The raw material is obtained from plantations in Asia, and it is in China that it is processed as these lands have huge sugarcane and bamboo plantations. There is a general understanding in the buyers regarding the quality of Chinese produced products; but they ensure that this won’t be the case with their products as all products pass through quality tests. The pulp out of which sugar cane toilet paper is made is turned white through use of bleach through chlorine. If this process is not carried out, the tissue rolls would become yellow in color. This is necessary because otherwise the product would not look good aesthetically. For further details you can contact them through email at the following email id: